Friday, July 1, 2011

Mga Uri ng Pamayanan

This week's Sibika lesson is all about - "Mga Uri ng Pamayanan". When planning for this week's lessons, I thought that it would be easier now since Joshua is showing great interest in learning Filipino words. He asks for the Filipino or English translations of words he could not understand. Since the "Ako ay Pilipino" song was a hit last week, I thought of making another song for this week. I find the lesson for this week more challenging than that of last week.  The Filipino words are longer and much harder to pronounce and understand. 

And the challenge continues....

If you have more suggestions on how to teach this subject effectively, please feel free to send me a message. I really do need a lot of ideas to help me make Sibika lessons exciting and easier for my children to understand. :)

Here is another song that hopefully would help you in introducing or reviewing the concept of "pamayanan".

Rural at Urban
(tune: Leron Leron Sinta)

Mga uri ng pamayanan
atin ngayo'y pag-aralan.
Ito'y maaring ayon
sa dami ng naninirahan.
Takbo ng pamumuhay
atin din titignan.
Ano kaya ang kaibahan
ng rural at urban?

Masikip at siksikan
madami ang naninirahan
makabagong pamamaraan
pati na kagamitan
matataas na mga gusali
iba't ibang mga sasakyan
modernong pamumuhay
sa pamayanang urban

Pamayanang rural naman
kaunti ang naninirahan
buhay dito ay simple lang
layu-layo ang tirahan
dito naman ay makaluma
pati kagamitan
maaaring may taniman
o pangisdaan

At first, the kids seemed interested just with the melody of the song. They were more interested with the guitar than the lesson. Hmmm... I made an effort to post the words on the board not just for the kids to read but actually, it is for me to remember what I wrote. There was resistance at first, showing lack of interest in what we were doing (ouch....that hurts!) So while playing the guitar and doing my own "revival" of the song "Leron leron Sinta", I raked my brain for ideas as to how to make the kids interested in our lesson. Thank God that I spotted our box of musical instruments.  I asked the kids to close their eyes for a surprise ( I was crossing my fingers that they would actually be surprised....) I opened the box and asked the kids to choose an instrument that they would want to use. We first worked with a steady beat. When I felt that their excitement was slowly building up, I asked them to again sing the song with me while we play our instruments to a steady beat. We played a little game of passing our instruments to the next person after each stanza so the kids were able to experiment with 3 different instruments.

I also made paper strips where I wrote phrases descriptive of each community. I posted "Pamayanang Rural" on one side of the table and "Pamayanang Urban" on the other side. Both kids were holding equal number of paper strips and  while humming the melody of the song, they chose which "pamayanan" was best described by the paper strip they were holding.

We played another round of the same game and this time they did it individually given 2 minutes to complete the game. The kids had so much fun and was trying to outdo each other and they requested to play the game a few more times. Hurray!

Mission accomplished!
Thank you, Lord for another fruitful week.
Need to start planning for next week's lessons....

Until next week....

Be blessed!

Happy Homeschooling!

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